The Business of Alexa, Continued

I observed in The Business of Alexa, a prior post, that had adopted a policy of hijacking sites’ rank data in order to get sign ups and certifications for concise measurements of your site’s traffic. Perhaps, the use of the word ‘hijacking’ may have made me appear to be disgruntled.

Actually, I was disappointed that the business internet community was so willing to accept an algorithm which incorporated a toolbar as a fact finder. It appears the toolbar has been popular in Asia and India since 2007; which might account for their sites’ disproportionate high ranking since then even though there are many sites whose content is no more than gibberish. And I do mean English gibberish. This toolbar adoption and user-behavior is by definition, selection bias.

No, I do not have graphs. I’m not a techie, so here is a blog post in which Reddit posts how experts misunderestimate our traffic. Alexa’s own admission (or should I say omission) is that you can ‘Get a more accurate Alexa Rank with Alexa Certified Site Metrics!’, one of Alexa’s Products.

That said, as long as people continue to measure traffic and brand awareness via Alexa, it will continue to grow and be a powerful yet faulty influence; and they will get paid for their faults. Great business! A bit like the government, yes?